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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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ready for grid lock if you need to be in the city when pope comes to town next month start making your plans right now? we will let you know about the road closures sure to affect traffic during the pope's visit. and following some new developments in the search for missing boy in delaware county, what we expect to learn about that case coming up in just a few hours. good morning it is thursday august 6th i'm erika von tiehl. we will have more in a moment but first lets get started with traffic and weather and just a lovely morning out there, ladies, good morning. >> beautiful, both on the roadways and i know katie i heard you say ding, ding, ding weekend looks good as well. >> yes, smack in the center of all that, guys is a storm system that will have a minor impact on our area. but for the most part thinks a decent forecast. heat wave is now over. we are back where we should be temperature wise which is only a couple degree cooler then yesterday ended up being but it is also very comfortable a. look at this shot, gorgeous, right. we have bright lights popping up over the horizon, ever so
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slight hint of low lying included cover as we tend to see but right around this time of the year it picks up a little bit here over pennsylvania farmland. 55 degrees with that west northwest wind flow. the not very windy. that is allowing low lying included cover to form but it really is a crisp comfortable morning across the region. storm scan is quiet as can be. we mentioned there is a disturbance. we will call it a storm system that is head willing our way. so by tonight the clouds in the only rebuild but the pockets of the rain start to move in. the thing is, this is a system that will be splitting the region in two. further south, we have to deal with the rain and further north we will go, we will not have much impact at all. we will break those details down as show progresses but walking through your day planner, it is a nice day more sun then anything but clouds do start to build but we will keep you dry through whole day. not until later tonight that anybody has to worry about wet weather. >> fantastic.
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thanks very much. so for our morning and evening commuters we're in the gold. we are right now. here's live look outside at i-95 at cottman toward center city, just starting to pick up. this is typical time we will start to see it build on i-95 basically anywhere on i-95 you look. even down by the airport i-95 northbound is starting to pick up as well. the just know give yourself extra minutes especially pushing toward that 7:00 o'clock hour. the here's schuylkill expressway westbound you can see beautiful shot here. everybody still traveling on. plenty of vehicles already in the early hour 6:00 o'clock hour, it will be busy. here's ben franklin bridge from those in new jersey into center city looking great here. speaking of the ben franklin we will talk about that in just a moment n plymouth meeting we have a sink hole, blue route and butt her pike is closed until august 31st use an alternate like germantown pike. then tonight we have nicki minaj concert at 7:00 p.m. ben franklin bridge could get
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busy back over to you. criminal charges could be filed as early as today against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. montgomery county district attorney receipt risa vet the friday furhman has been conducting an investigation since april. grand jury concluded kane lied in testimony and tried to cover up leaking secret fur to the newspaper to embarras a political rival. jury recommended charges of perjury, criminal contempt, obstruction of justice and official oppression. we will let you know as soon as the district attorney announces her decision. 6:03. driving will not be an option to get in the city when pope francis visits philadelphia next month. center city we have a new you map. we want to she it to you. it the is part of the zone where you are better off walking and biking. do you see this perimeter here? you can drive out but not in. that is the the issue. "eyewitness news" reporter, justin finch is live on the steps of the art museum with these road restrictions and we
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are finally getting more information, justin good morning. >> reporter: finally good morning. you nailed it. center city and parkway here is part of is what being called the green zone here. once your car leaves its base when the the pope gets to town it will in the be allowed back in. that is in the the only change coming, when the pope arrive here. if you are used to drive about center city, your routine will be thrown for a loop come september 25th, that is when long talk about and now confirmed traffic box or green zone goes into effect. the mayor explains. >> the northern boundary spring garden to ridge ridge to girard, and good are regard to the schuylkill river. the southern bound dry south street, river to river. the eastbound dry delaware avenue from south street to spring garden street. the the western boundary runs along the edge of the schuylkill river cuts up kelly drive stopping just below the girard avenue bridge. >> reporter: about a million and a half people can arrive
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to philadelphia for the world meeting of families and the pope's visit. charter buses and out of towners on the road, traffic patterns will to have change. parts of the i-76, 676 and route one, will close i-95 will stay open but look out for ramp closures. ben franklin coming out of the commission too. >> i'm here to announce the close another of the ben franklin bridge from friday evening at 10:00 p.m. until about 12 noonan monday. >> reporter: for businesses counting on capitalizing they have to strategized knowing deliveries will be limited. >> we have to make a decision whether to close, either saturday or sunday. hopefully we have enough food to make it through saturday but we would most certainly be out first thing sunday. >> reporter: so many businesses here in the green becomes here are hoping for a papal miracle once he comes to town to have enough supplies to sell to all those
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customers. we are told every inch of this parkway could be covered with people once the pope takes the steps here in september. the advice toys start planning how you will get here or get around when the pope is arriving here. new state troopers will be on hand about a thousand of them to reenforce security to make sure the event will be safe for the public and our visitors and the pope. live from the art museum, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> time to pull out those comfortable shoes justin. >> reporter: definitely. >> we will see you later this morning. fifty-one days and counting as philly gets ready for the pope. get closer look at road closures during his visit head to cbs philly to the come/papal visit. developing right now search continues for a 11 year-old laquan lattimore. the the boy was last seen monday near darby creek in folcroft. family members have been searching that area ever since. late yesterday authorities discovered a body in darby creek near that boy's home.
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his family new awaits word from the medical examiner as to the identity of that body. meantime family members are undeterred. >> a $1,500 reward out as of today, who know whereabouts of my nephew. >> delaware county medical examiner has not said when it will will release identity of the body discovered in ridley creek. a brief scare overnight at the university of pennsylvania. fire crews responded to the robert shatner center for the school of dental medicine after a cleaning crew found a clear liquid on the floor. we are told it turned out to be harmless. also new the search is on for what spark a fire and medical supply facility in montgomery county. fire broke out at jade precision medical components on the 3,000 block of philmont avenue in lower moreland and it took fire fighters more than an hour to get that fire under control. in one was hurt. six there 07. we're still 15 months away
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from the first votes of the campaign 2016, but tonight the top republican candidates face off for the first time, we will tell what you to expect during tonight's debate. also... >> police going out and it was very scary. >> it has happened again an arm man storms in the movie theater for second time in two weeks, what we're learning about the suspect shot by police. and this is about last place you expect to see a dolphin swimming, right? we will tell you how it ended up in that new jersey river and explain why it cannot be removed just yet. >> ♪ >> /got lots of love about this morning's weather but rain is on the horizon, she will let you know when it could get wet outside when we come back after the break.
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ten republicans are getting ready for first presidential debate of campaign 2016. dop old trump heads in the face off as the front runner. new jersey governor chris christie barely made cut which
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"fox news" based on polls. on average trump is polling higher then his two closest competitors jeb bush and scott walker combined. >> foreign policy in general obama care, hillary clinton those are things that you will hear a lot out of mouth of these guys. >> former pennsylvania senator rick santorum did not poll high enough to make prime time slot he ace monk seven candidates will take part in an earlier forum. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016, we will have rap up of tonight's debate on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. right now 6:12. we will check with katie and heat wave is over and you are right, it hit 89 degrees yesterday. >> we verified as exactly as expect and it is because of the fact that more than anything the humidity has dropped off. this is just a beautiful start to the day i mean look at this sun light glistening off of the center city sky line here, off in the distance, still some shadows being cast because we're waiting for that sun to get high enough where
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everybody is in that sun but it feels so good. good hair day too. i love reporting good hair days. makes day better. nice and clear blue sky to go with it. i want to take you out to the central pacific one more time. let look at is what going on with this tropical storm now making a close path to the big island, of hawaii island. still a tropical storm watch on the northern shore for the potential for very dangerous rip currents, rough surf and flooding downpours from the outer rims of the storm. this will be long gone by the time we hit weekend. if you have family or something vacationing that way. they will be okay. they are dealing with some nastiness in the weather department right now out that way. mean while we are also going to see a storm system brewing our way by tomorrow here it is, starting to blossom and gather some organization. this basically just moves due east, so it will be splitting our region in half. that said some get rain, some get just clouds tomorrow. today though not just yet
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sunshine at the shore sunshine every where else, eventually the clouds do rebuild and rip current risk stays low. it looks like a good beach day but by late tonight and tommy would say from philadelphia on south, especially look for a shower, pocket of steady rain that will include delaware and southern new jersey. otherwise cloudy and cooler. heading in the weekend that storm is long gone, we have got nice weather mid 80's, included break for sunshine and our next shot for shower or storm doesn't come until monday. it is not a bad forecast, it is quite consistent for the most part. >> not bad at all. >> jump it forward to that. >> how are we looking on the roads. >> it lies looking g never want to complain about the sunshine but i will tell you it can cause slow downs. sun up slow downs if you will. so pack those sunglasses. it is bought full outside n accidents to report are. all overnight construction project have lifted. it will be a nice ride. it is getting busier out there you know me now i take a
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drive with you every single morning right around 6:00 we jump in that car together and today i chose i-95 northbound. your left lane you can see i-95 moving in the southbound direct toward center city right around girard avenue. we were going faster then the pack, and we are because live look outside will show thaw i-95 southbound right at that youngs of girard is looking very, very slow. this is a busier stretches of the morning. typically is once we get in the 6:00 o'clock hour. that is what we are seeing right now. as we go wide, 53 miles an hour at the schuylkill expressway heading westbound we will get jammed up here at roosevelt but nothing too much. you are dropping ever so slightly. we will see that actually drop more as we move in the morning of course and slower spots of course, vine street expressway, starting to get busy when i-95 hits the vine. nicki minaj concert tonight for those love her at 7:00 p.m. at susquehanna bank
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center. we may get some delays as we head over into new jersey. overall traffic for the most parties looking good, back over to you. here's your head lines this morning. sources tell "eyewitness news" that charges could be filed against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane and as early as today. grand jury concluded kane lied in testimony and that she tried to cover up leaking secret information to a newspaper to embarras a political rival. also travel restrictions are part of the plan when pope francis comes to philadelphia next month. security perimeter covers the city fairmount and part of the west philadelphia. there is no word on the fate of laquan lattimore, and family's search for him near his home in folcroft authorities found a body in darby creek. the medical examiner will identify the body later on today. right now 6:16. decade old accusations are catching up to bill cosby new legal trouble he is facing. also call it a lego let down see penn state's new logo
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that is not sitting well with students and alumni we will show it to you comin
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developing right now there is a intense manhunt in louisiana after a police officer is kill. the officer was shot last night after he responded to a call about a man threatening a relative inside a home. when the office's arrived the gun man started shooting.
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police are still looking for that suspect right now. meanwhile a man kill in the shoot-out with police in the movie theater near nashville is said to have significant psychological issues. gun shots can be heard from the theater yesterday afternoon, police say that the vincent montana was wearing a surgical mask when he unleash a pep per spray while showing mad max. he was armed with the hatchet and pellet gun. investigators say montano had been committed four times in the past for psychiatric issues. three people blasted with that pepper spray were treated. closing arguments are set for today in the sentencing phase of the colorado movie theater shooting. the final witness to testify was paralyzed in that shooting. she also lost her six year-old daughter and her unborn child. the jury is expected to begin deciding whether james holmes will get death penalty or life in prison by weeks even. still ahead this morning we are getting an incredible
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new view from outer space see what happens when the moon, you might say photo bombs earth. we have that image. new message of inclusion what the pope said about families that caught people off guard. katie is updating the forecast, feeling pretty fantastic out there right now. >> it does, we have lower humidity. we are going to see that sun for better part of the a but there is a storm brewing and it will impact the delaware valley. well explain and walk you through the
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new controversy brewing at penn state and this has all to do about the school's new logo. lets show you the the old logo on the left and then the new one on the right. the school sent $128,000 to get famous nittany lion a make over and they change the president to as you can tell. penn state says new look is more friendly, and web social media and video applications, however, some students and alumni are not happy about the change. more than 1300 people signed a petition asking the school to redesign the logo. so far this school has not responded to that petition. experts are trying to figure out why a dolphin made its way all the way to the south river in middlesex county. in marine officials say it is likely dolphin followed the food from the raretan bay. those experts say there is plenty of fish where he is swimming it is not considered stranded because it is still free swimming so rescue crews cannot go in after it.
6:25 am
officials hope dolphin swims away before they have to do anything about it. check this out a view of the dark side of the moon, that has never been visible from earth. it comes to us from nasa a camera aboard a satellite this is as the moon moved in the sun lit side of the earth that satellite is about a million miles from the planet but still so cool to see. that it looks like a computer graphic. coming up next on "eyewitness news" end of an era on television, jan. and erika, a body is recovered in the darby creek here in delaware county, is it connected to the case of the missing 11 year-old would who had has in the been seen or heard from since monday. coming up we will have full details. i didn't think i would make it. i thought i was a goner. talk about an incredible will to live, that fisherman described his fight to survive after getting thrown off his boat meisha? well, no accidents this morning to report, all overnight construction projects have lifted but one thing you are dealing with is
6:26 am
that sun glare, we will have all of the details coming up. and, katie has an eye on rain she's updating forecast when we come right back, good
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good thursday morning to you, check it out a gorgeous start to your day. skies are career right now in center sit the i but look at storm scan three there, we have some trouble on the horizon there rain moving in, but not today really, right. >> no. >> today nice start. >> even tomorrow not a wash out really. this storm system is one of those storms that basically some get something some don't get anything at all. very selective. >> yes, it is. >> exactly. >> you can draw a line through center of the delaware valley and that is what you will deal with. off the the south of that, rain is story. off to the north we are just looking at cloud.
6:30 am
that is not until tomorrow. you said it, we are off to a beautiful start here. lets go and zoom in for us here on storm scan and take a look at the local level where at this point a few you little speckles of green fired up a at the tail even of the loop there but don't worry about that. you will just see sun filtered through building clouds as the day goes on here and really that is leading to some pretty viewness our live neighborhood network outside middletown ship high school. couple clouds, bright yellow. so pretty, comfortable, more importantly, at 68 degrees here in cape may courthouse. around the region we are talking 50's in a couple spots. up in the poconos thinks a sweat shirt kind of a morning for you but by comparison at philly international it is steady at 07 this morning and very comfortable, as well. what are we talking about here? here's the gist, we will start with sun included rebuild with time and then later tonight we're talking well past evening rush, probably closing in on 11:00 o'clock
6:31 am
kate will have something to track on storm scan. showers do move in. but then by tomorrow we will end up with that rain primarily though it is through the southern tear, of the delaware valley. lets jump ahead and take a look at what the weekend has up its sleeve. right now saturday and sunday looking pretty fantastic mid 80's, very seasonal overall when it comes to those temperature values and it does look like at that point the storm itself that we're tracking tomorrow will be swept out to sea. overall it is a pretty decent weather forecast, if we have to deal with the storm system, at least as erika said it is being selective. not everyone has to deal witt. we will track that more in detail for you as the show goes on. >> great. rain or shiny look forward to that weekend i'll tell what you but that is cherry on top. you sold me. thanks katie. good morning everyone. happy thursday to you we are pushing right through the workweek and just a gorgeous day out there. take a look at i-95 north bound at 452 you can see plenty of sunshine in the up are right corner.
6:32 am
you will want to have your sunglasses packed in the car. just a moment ago let me see if i can see them, let me backup up, so bomb the right-hand side of the screen you can see those vehicles pulled off to the left block ago this left lane but travelers are not having a problem maneuvering around. that in and around airport we are looking good on i-95. here's vine street expressway to and from the schuylkill looking great. everyone traveling at posted speed. blue route southbound at mid county tolls you can see looking good here, everyone traveling around at posted speed on the blue route as well and then schuylkill eastbound at spring garden, this is a nice shot because anytime we can get movement on the schuylkill in brake lights right here that is a good thing we have a sink hole between blue route and butler pike until august 31st. so use that germantown pike exit if you will. use it as your alternate back over to you. developing right now the family of the missing delaware county boy is expecting word from the medical examiner
6:33 am
later on today. it will determine if a body found in darby creek yesterday afternoon is the 11 year-old that disappeared on monday. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us with the very latest jan good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that is right, we are expecting more information from police a little bit later today. authorities have been working overnight the to positively identify body found in the creek yesterday but as you mentioned this gruesome discovery comes at the same time that authorities search for this missing 11 year-old boy. local, federal investigators converge on darby creek wednesday afternoon chopper three over the scene in prospect park, delaware county where officials say marine unit found a body. while investigators have not released the identity of the person the discovery comes amid search for a missing 11 year-old boy laquan lattimore but the family of the child is holding out hope. >> we are hurting, we are just in so much pain. >> reporter: tuwant a thompson is lattimore's cousin and
6:34 am
legal guardian. earlier she joined folcroft the police and fb tonight. a desperate search. sharon hillel meantry school student was seen monday afternoon riding his bike in the area of king avenue and chester pike. the lattimore has been known to ride that bike into southwest and west philadelphia. but family says he has never runaway or stayed away this long before. >> it is not like kwan, not to show up, or show up in the house. he usually in around 8:30. >> reporter: after handing out flyers with lattimore's description family came together at true love church and turned to faith for support. as they wait to find out what and who authorities found in darby creek. the scene is 2 miles away from folcroft. of course, folcroft is where lattimore calls home. now investigators say the boy left his cell phone at home on monday which of course, is unusual for any preteen and again we are awaiting word from the medical examiner's office on that positive identification but body found in the creek. as soon as we get new
6:35 am
information we will pass it to you. for now we are reporting live folcroft, delaware county jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". count down for pope francis visit in philadelphia is now at 51 days. if you are in town then plan to take a walk or riding your bike. officials unveiled a map for security perimeter the weekend the pope is here that covers center city, fairmount and part of the west philadelphia you cannot drive-in, but you can drive out. that is starting friday evening september 25th, and goes until sometime monday on the 28th. the pop's visit during world meeting of families is expect to bring one and a half million people in center city. traffic restrictions could cause a big problem for businesses. >> you can over stock certain amount of things but you can't over stock fish, produce it goes bad and we only have limited space. the it makes it difficult for those things. >> ben franklin bridge will be closed to cars but not
6:36 am
pedestrians. part oi676 and route one will also close while i-95 stays opened, some ramps will be blocked. some lucky winners will get into town by rail, starting to day septa is notifying commuters who scored regional rail passes for papal visit. septa will notify winners through sunday. pope's remarks on divorce catholics are making headlines this morning. he is calling for a more open church, one that embraces people who are divorced and remarried. under catholic teachings unless a marriage ace nulled catholics divorced and then remarried are barred from receiving communion. in october bishops will meet to review the the ban. stay with "eyewitness news" as we keep you up to date on the papal visit and the preparations. our coverage continues on line at cbs right now 6:36. there is new legal trouble for comedian bill cosby. he will be questioned under oath in a second sexual assault case. a judge ordered cosby to give
6:37 am
a sworn deposition in october in a lawsuit alleging that he sexually abused juicy huth in the playboy mansion in 1974. huth will also be deposed. she's among dozens of woman who claim that they were assault by cosby after he gave them drugs decade ago. microsoft is jump pink on the band wagon to give new parents more paid time off. starting in november, the tech titan will let new moms take up to 20 weeks of paid leave fathers can take off 12 weeks with full pay. this move comes one day after netflix radically changed it parenting policy giving new parents up to a year off with pay, after they have a baby. in addition to taking care of children some adults are helping their aging parents. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us from insuring with more advice for us if you are in that situation. i'm wondering is this a trend more older americans living
6:38 am
with their kid. >> reporter: absolutely for a myriad of reasons health, companionship need but 3 percent of u.s. household that is 2.6 million are comprised of an adult living with at least one parent. those numbers will rise because the price of retirement communities and assisted living is soaring. the the american institute of architects has found that dedicated guest rooms and in law suites have been gaining in popularity for homeowners all across the country. >> mother in law sweets for the first time this week. how about that. if one or more of your parents will who have in, what should you know and what should i prepare for. >> reporter: besides the emotional stuff and you have to rest that will on your own you have to consider the the cost. financial planners and estate attorneys recommend paying for the older generations needs using his or her own money. that would include food, clothing, medication, but it
6:39 am
may mean an outlay for making your home safer for your older parents. if you have siblings, discuss the financial arrangements, before the move. additionally the whole family needs to address some sort of plan b if the parents need become too much for him or her to be safely cared for at home. experts urged families to conduct research on local care facilities well before the need arises. for more information contact a federally man taited area agency on aging that is staffed by professionals and they know available funding source necessary this area you go to aoa dot gov. >> jill schlesinger up in new york thanks, jill. do you think your work out routine is tough? if so think again. we will show you a lady doing push-ups you oner how is she doing this. also, this is not your average shore house frank sinatra stayed there. now it could be yours if
6:40 am
the price is right. this is not your average house down the shore frank sinatra he once stayed in this house and he left behind a certain souvenir as well, we will have that for you and more when we come back but ladies, come on we have the shot up, meisha come over, katie is doing radio for kyw news radio but we have frank to enjoy as we head to break.
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a massive storm is barreling toward taiwan this is view from space that shows the the his stork super typhoon now a different look here already the strongest tropical cyclone on earth with wind speed at a 180 miles an
6:44 am
hour. now we are seeing damage after it crossed u.s. territory of the northern island on sunday, it is knocking out power and water. the storm with the strength of the category four hurricane is expect to dump up to 2 feet of rain on taiwan and katie has been tracking course of the typhoon and she has more on that. >> absolutely. you mentioned category four status. they do different categorization out toward pacific then they do in the atlantic basin and eastern pacific. we have flipped it over so you can understand the conversion going on here. currently it meets criteria for what would be a category two hurricane. here's taiwan. let's put that into motion here. it is expected to strengthen, just before it strikes taiwan. this is going to be a major major impact, on that island, once it crosses over land though it will lose some steam but still produce quite a bit of heavy rain, flooding issues
6:45 am
and strong wind for eastern china as well. that is latest there accredits other half of the world. back here stateside no tropical activity to speak of. we are tracking one pocket of showers and then are storms off to the south but focus on what is going on in the central plains and ohio valley. this is latest disturbance that will move straight east. where does that leave us? right on the northern fringe. that makes for a word i forecast. some end up with rain and some end up with clouds tomorrow. as we track this moving forward here, here's your center of circulates. as early as late tonight 10:00 p.m. tonight some showers move in but further north you go is there nothing to speak of. that is what we will expect to see for rest of our friday. as lodge as you believe the timing here thinks out of here by second half of friday and we will start to sees skies clear as early as later tomorrow night and for the weekend. it does get better by tomorrow night and into the weekend but in the meantime, basically from philadelphia south, we
6:46 am
will expect to see a shower, perhaps, some steadier rain pockets and then it is all out and weekend looks nice. mid 80's we will keep that theme going in to next week and next shot for shower or storm wouldn't come until monday. meisha, over to you. we will enjoy that sunshine while we have it, thanks katie. just waking up with us, it has been a great morning, we have started off with an accident on 42, that has been cleared. forty-two looking good. here's a live look at i-95 southbound at the vine, disable vehicle pulled off to that right lane not causing too many slow downs as it looks good on i-95. have been traveling at posted speeds. here's a glaring camera, roosevelt boulevard southbound approaching that schuylkill trying to get on the schuylkill westbound. that is where we are getting hook up but right now it looks good in the right. you can see that glare from the sun. definitely bring those sunglasses. we have an accident valley forge road atwood land avenue but i can let you nose that area is not causing any major
6:47 am
slow downs there. traveling in and around we have the phillies verse coming tours day at 1:05. in the south philadelphia area know mass transit is running extra subways for that and nicki minaj concert at 7:00 p.m. for those who like nicki minaj. over to you erika. here is a look at your head lines on cbs-3. charges against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane could be filed as early as today. "eyewitness news" has learn that montgomery county's d.a. risa vet try furhman decided to in press charges for an alleged grand jury leak. kane denied wrongdoing. still no word on the fate of the 11 year-old laquan lattimore. the his family continues searching for him in folcroft. yesterday afternoon search teams found a body in darby creek, so far it has in the been identified. and top ten republican presidential candidate in the polls meet in the first debate of campaign 2016 tonight. they include donald trump and
6:48 am
new jersey governor chris christie. other seven will appear in the predebate forum. thinks call the largest drug bust of its kind, u.s. coastguard seized 8 tons of cocaine. all that is worth about 180 million-dollar. they seesed this from a homemade submarine in the eastern pacific ocean. video with pictures show special operations teams swarming that bet both designed to look like a sub. what made this risky is whole operation took place more than 200 miles off shore from central america. fish are man who survived being stranded at sea off a the coast of cape may is sharing his dramatic rescue story. coastguard pulled him to safety after he fell over board saturday night. told "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers how he surrounded and survived so long. >> it ended in a coastguard helicopters but started with the worst moment of damon sexton's life.
6:49 am
>> the wave threw me over board. >> reporter: he had been fishing fortune, now in the what ther with waves up to 8 feet high, he saw his bet both speed ago way. >> i'm not just going to lay here and die i will swim as hard as a can. >> reporter: did he chasing his boat for four hours in the cold ocean. his friend knew that he had fallen over board but because he wasn't familiar with the boat he didn't necessity how to operate it to turn it around and pick damon up and because the boat was already in auto pilot it just kept going. you can see on the gps track from that night this is where day machine fell in, this is where he was pick up a distance of about 10 miles a begins all odds he made it back to his boat freezing, exhausted waiting for the coast gar. >> i laid here on the couch with the blankets, just shivering, like uncontrollably. >> reporter: coastguard swimmer came aboard his boat and took him toward rope, dropped by a chop's above. >> he put the sling around me put the sling around him and boom in an instant.
6:50 am
>> reporter: this video shows him being hoisted safely in the helicopter and toward an emotional reunion with his wife. >> all we could do is hug and cry for a half an hour. >> reporter: officials say odds of surviving four hours in the cold ocean are slim, for damon, there was powerful motivation. >> my two young sons i know that their lives would be change forever if i was gone. >> reporter: man with everything to live for matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". let's check is what coming up on cbs this morning. charlie rose joins us from new york the with the preview charlie, good morning. >> good morning ahead what to expect from tonight's first g.o.p. debate. rand paul joins us before he takes the stage and chris van cleve digs into what is behind flight delays jon stewart is leaving the stage have we will look at his leg ace which his friend. the news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes. >> charlie thanks. we will see you then.
6:51 am
what is the word ♪ >> charlie just mentioned this the word is finally as in the final daily show for jon stewart. stewart signs off tonight after a 16 year run. tonight's show will be longer than usual. it will be almost an hour instead of the normal half an hure no word on the guest list but stewart did promise it will be a get ball. after tonight's final i the set will be donated to the museum. fans of the old blue youth, it is a place where frank sinatra once stayed and not in new york, new york but in brigantine. the sinatra stayed there performing in atlantic city back in the 90's. this house is on the market for 5.2 million-dollar but no word if that is being left behind, the the tupay that frank sinatra left at the house. are you planning to hit the gym this morning? if so i'm sure your work out pails in comparison to this one. check out this lady here adella garcia, do you see
6:52 am
that, she has video of her intense push-ups on instagram she crosses her arms in the air, and crazy things there and london her forearms too. she said she is so good she can dough her signature push-ups when she's drunk. suffice it to say do in the try this at home. >> wow, all right. >> before you walk out the door we are updating the road closures, major road closures that will take place when the pope comes to town. don't miss that. but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
6:53 am
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are you coming to philadelphia to see the pope next month? if so, most of the traffic in center city will be on foot. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now overlooking ben franklin parkway with the new map for us good morning. >> reporter: erika, good
6:56 am
morning. parkway is expect to be pack the the weekend of september 26th so walking will be your best bet just yesterday, city leaders unveiled their plans which will include extensive traffic plans, including highway closures on the schuylkill west and east, vine expressway as well as route one. ben franklin bridge also will be close todd vehicle traffic beginning friday night september 25th. there is also this big traffic box we have been talking about for a long time that we new necessity will span center city fairmount and west philadelphia. so as far as that box will not be allowed to travel back in and you will to have walk. the those tie ups are set to last until midday september 28th, the city says it got word out early that was yesterday so we have time to plan for pope's big visit and how our lives will change. i'm justin finch for cbs-3 eyewitness naus. thanks very much. new this morning a malaysia team has collect more aircraft debris from reunion
6:57 am
island from the indian ocean. prime minister says plane window and other aircraft debris has been also found. meantime experts in france confirmed a wing fragment found is also from the malaysia airlines flight 370 however, relatives of chinese passengers on board that doom flight say they do not expect it to be from the plane missing last year. more coming up at noon on cbs-3. an important position for patrick murphy, he has been many in nateed by president obama to be under secretary of the army. that is the second highest ranking civilian position in the army. the democrat represented pennsylvania's eighth district from 2007 through 2011. he was first veteran of the iraq war to be elect to congress. just because you are a former president does not mean you can get out of jury duty. former president george w. bush showed up for jury duty at a dallas courthouse but did he not get pick. forty-third president posed for a couple pictures there
6:58 am
and secret service agents brought him away. all they mr. bush was not chosen to are that jury the trial judge did say that they were quite impressed with the former presidents appearance. it is not just you and me, everybody, including the president, has to go. >> yes. >> everyone has to do it. >> kate, a beautiful day out there it looks so nice and feels outside. i'm jealous of justin flinch he draw the the long straw to stand out in the sunshine. so comfortable out there right now. that will continue for us throughout the day-to-day. we will look at how things look down the road in terms of our temperature normal high would be around 87 and note that is line stays just below the average, right into next week, it will still be warm but it will be below average through that point. if you are heading up in the poconos we have been talking about a storm system brewing. it will affect part of the region but not mountains. if you have camping plans heading up to do fishing something like that it looks like a nice couple days for
6:59 am
that area, but here's that set storm we were just talking about rolling east, it starts to bring in showers from philadelphia on southeast specially as early as later tonight, meisha. rod ways are looking good we have a crash in pottstown i tweet that had information out not causing any delays don't worry about that. live look at ben franklin bridge looking good, just starting to slow down, less than posted speeds but we are looking good on all bridges. interstate 95 in the southbound direction at girard exit, that is better to leave new rather than later. so get out there. next up on cbs this morning first face off for republican presidential candidate, ten presidential hopeful, share stage tonight and major garrett has a preview from cleveland. remine tore join us bright and early every weekday morning at 4:30 a.m. on cbs-3. we will be back for cut ins throughout the morning cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day.
7:00 am
good morning. it is thursday, august 6th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." republican challengers are just hours away from taking on donald trump in the gop's first primetime debate. what sparked a new attack at an american movie theater? we're on the scene with new details about how police stopped the attacker. and "daily show" host jon stewart signs off today. his journey from comedian to one of america's most trusted voices. but we begin this morning with a look at "today's eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> reporter: this individual has had significant psychological


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